For problems not listed here either use the Discuss AJAX Edition Troubleshooting Tips or submit a bug via the AJAX Edition Toolbar

Problem during Installation

Problem: Installer doesn't complete or dynaTrace AJAX Edition doesn't work as expected after installation
Solution: In order to troubleshoot these problems please run the installer in the command line using msiexec.exe with the option /l*, (e.g.: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msiexec.exe /i dynatrace-AJAX-edition- /l* C:\install.log) and send the logfile to ajax-contact.dynatrace@compuware.com

Browser opens with a blank page and no session appears in the cockpit

Problem: When launching a run configuration, the browser opens with a blank page and no session appears in the cockpit.
Solution: Activate the browser agent add-on.
In Internet Explorer, click Tools->Manage Add-ons, locate and select the dynaTrace Internet Explorer Agent add-on, and click Enable.
In Firefox, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP), and then click Add-ons. To make sure that you activate the add-on for the Firefox profile used by AJAX Edition, do this in the browser window launched by AJAX Edition.

Internet Explorer Settings

In case AJAX Edition still does not actively start tracing actions in your IE after enabling the browser agent add-on, check the following settings in the Internet Options of IE:

Enable 3rd Party Extension in IE

Allow active content from to run in files from My Computer

IE11 on x64 Windows: Disable Enhanced Protected Mode

Browser Agent Toolbar is not displayed

Problem: The browser does not display the browser agent toolbar.
Solution: First, make sure that the browser agent add-on is enabled (see above). Then right-click on an empty section of the tab strip.

In Internet Explorer, check AJAX Edition Toolbar.

In Firefox, check Add-on Bar.

Since Firefox 29, the Browser Agent Toolbar is part of the navigation bar and it should not be necessary to enable it.

AJAX Edition shows warning "Not enough memory is available to guarantee session storage"

In contrast to our commercial offering AJAX Edition has limited capabilities regarding the amount of events that can be captured and analyzed for a session. On low memory AJAX Edition will disconnect the agent and store the current session to disk per default. When this happens, you will see the following dialog with advice on how to avoid low memory in the future:

If you do not want AJAX Edition to ensure the storage of your current session, you can disable "Store session on low memory" in the preferences. AJAX Edition will still show a dialog that recommends you to disconnect the agent to prevent data loss, but it will not disconnect the agent automatically.

Performance Report doesn't work

Problem: When opening the Performance Report it says "This session does not contain any recorded web site activity, Please record a new session and browse at least to one URL,If this problem persists please consult the Troubleshooting Tips". This problem is caused by conflicting Internet Explorer Add-Ons that prevent dynaTrace AJAX Edition from recording Network Activity.
Solution: Disable Add-Ons like the RealPlayer, restart IE and try again. There might be other Add-Ons out there making problems so go ahead and try disabling individual plugins that may interfere with network activity.
Other plugins we have found so far that conflict: RealPlayer, IE Developer Toolbar, JSLeaksDetector, McAfee SiteAdvisor

Don't see any Network Activity

Problem: We came across the issue that other Internet Explorer Add-Ons prevent the dynaTrace AJAX Edition from recording Network Activity. Currently we are aware of the following Add-Ons as being problematic.

  • RealPlayer Connection and Record Add-On
  • LastPass Password Manager

Solution: Disable Add-Ons like the RealPlayer, restart IE and try again. There might be other Add-Ons out there makeing problems so go ahead and try disabling individual plugins that may interfere with network activity.

Don't see any JavaScript Activity for Internet Explorer 10

Problem: You don't see any JavaScript activity for Internet Explorer 10, but network and rendering activities are available.
Solution: Go to Internet Options -> Security. If the level in the Internet zone is set to the value high, change it to medium.

Don't see any Rendering Activity for Internet Explorer

Problem: You don't see any rendering activity and the First Impression Time always equals the OnLoad Time. This is caused by patch updates of Internet Explorer that require us to change the way we capture rendering activity.
Solution: Click "Report a bug" in the AJAX Edition menu and send us your logfile. We will provide a patch.

Users Documents & Settings

Windows environments where the Users Documents & Settings are located on a file server can cause problems when Dynatrace tries to create the ".dynaTrace" directory in the users' Documents & Settings folder.
Problem: The problem manifest itself by the AJAX Edition automatically shutting down afer starting it
Solution: Open the dtajax.ini file located in the installation directory. Replace the placeholder @user.home with a local directory such as c:/temp

Incomplete and corrupted installation

The registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor\AutoRun needs to be blank (which is windows default).
Problem: Dynatraceinstaller uses command files that are pathed relatively and call other command files which the path isn't carried through correctly so the install never completely finishes
Solution: Change the value of this registry key to its default - which is blank

NoClassDefFound Exception when opening the Summary View

Problem: Due to a JVM Bug http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6503988 it is possible that you get a NoClassDefFound exception for org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart.
Solution: Please set the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\FontSmoothingGamma to a value between 1000 & 2500 (decimal). The change will take effect after rebooting

64Bit Internet Explorer

The dynaTrace AJAX Edition Agent only comes in 32bit and does not work with the 64bit version of Internet Explorer. We have not seen many people actually using the 64bit version of Internet Explorer.
Question: How many people are using the 64Bit version of Internet Explorer and would you require to have the dynaTrace AJAX Edition supporting this platform?

Windows Vista: IE shows blank page when Run Configuration is started

Problem: When you start a Run Configuration on Windows Vista, IE shows a blank page and the agent does not connect although the Browser Agent add-on is enabled.

Solution: Either log on as administrator and try again or connect the agent from the Browser Agent Toolbar.

AJAX Edition hangs when using the Windows guest account and starting an IE Run Configuration

Problem: When you use the Windows guest account and start an Internet Explorer Run Configuration the AJAX Edition client hangs and the browser does not start.

Solution: Log in with your Windows account and try again.

Internet Explorer 11 stability

 Note that IE11 support in AJAX Edition 4.3 is still experimental.  In certain scenarios when switching between multiple tabs which are processing requests in parallel, you may experience unexpected results. To avoid the problem, limit your tests to using a single tab at a time whenever the agent is connected to the AJAX Edition.

Activate AJAX Edition behind a proxy server

HTTP transport error: java.net.UnknownHostException: eservices.dynatrace.com

dynaTrace Ajax Edition connects to the dynaTrace Ajax Edition Community on startup. In case you connect to the internet over a proxy server, Ajax Edition proxy settings must be provided either in the "Activate dynaTrace AJAX Edition" dialog, or in the "Preferences" dialog. If you do not know your proxy host and port, please have a look at Control Panel / Internet Options / Connections / LAN settings. If you are using "Automatic proxy configuration", please uncheck the "Use proxy" option in the Ajax Edition Preferences dialog, and edit the file dtajax.ini in your dynaTrace AJAX Edition installation folder to include the following line: "-Djava.net.useSystemProxies=true".

Authentication verification not possible due to external system error: HTTP transport error: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: No trusted certificate found

Some IT infrastructures require a self-signed certificate for proxy access. dynaTrace AJAX Edition does support standard Java system properties for applying a custom truststore containing self-signed certificates, which are:


javax.net.ssl.trustStore must point to a local truststore file, and javax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword must contain the truststore password. You can define these properties either by setting respective system environment variables, or by passing them to the Java runtime by means of the dtajax.ini file located in your dynaTrace Ajax Edition installation folder. Simply add the following lines to dtajax.ini:


Storing a password in a cleartext file of course is a bad idea in general, although a password for a truststore that only contains public keys does not bare a real security risk. If the truststore also contains private keys (aka "keystore"), the private keys will be protected by another password, which should be different from the truststore password. One can also choose to remove those two dtajax.ini entries again immediately after you have been successfully authenticated at least once.

Normally, the IT department in charge should be able to provide such a Java truststore file. A truststore can also be created using Java's keytool commandline tool, which can be found in your dynaTrace Ajax Edition installation folder under jre\bin\keytool.exe (syntax is described at http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/tools/solaris/keytool.html). E.g. it's possible to export the proxy server certificate from the Windows Internet Options (Content / Certificates), and re-import them into a Java truststore file.