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Community Contribution - New OpenStack Monitoring Plugin (25 FEB 2015)

Check out the new OpenStack Monitoring Plugin which gathers performance statistics provided by the Ceilometer and Nova services from the OpenStack virtual cloud VMs.

Next Dynatrace Online Performance Clinic on Mar 10 (24 FEB 2015)

In this LIVE QnA session we first focus on Infrastructure Monitoring with Dynatrace. Then we open it up for your Dynatrace related questions. Register and take advantage of an interactive format. Also check out our previous recordings on http://bit.ly/dttutorials

New Public Fixpacks for all current Dynatrace versions! (23 FEB 2015)

Make sure to get the newest updates for Dynatrace 5.6, 6.0 and 6.1.

Reminder - Community Webinar on February 17th, 2015 - Performance Monitoring for Android applications (13 FEB 2015)

Do you want to learn more about performance monitoring of Android applications? Join us next Tuesday at 10am EST/3pm GMT!

Community Contribution - New JVM Monitoring Plugin (11 FEB 2015)

Check out the new JVM Monitoring Plugin which allows you to dynamically gather JMX metrics from MBeans.

Reminder - Community Webinar on February 11th, 2015 - Performance Monitoring for Android applications (9 FEB 2015)

Do you want to learn more about performance monitoring of Android applications? Join us on Wednesday at 9am EST/2pm GMT!

Community Webinar - Performance Monitoring for Android applications (5 FEB 2015)

In this webinar we will walk through how to get started with the monitoring your Android mobile app.

Community Contribution - New Weblogic Monitoring Plugin (29 JAN 2015)

Check out the new Weblogic Monitoring Plugin which makes collecting and storing Weblogic data easy.

User Groups, Meetups, Conferences and more ... (26 JAN 2015)

Check out our Events Page to learn about where we present, where to find our slide material and how to follow us on social media

Reminder - Community Webinar on January 21, 2015 - First Steps with UEM (20 JAN 2015)

Do you want to learn more about Dynatrace User Experience Management? Join us tomorrow at 9am EST/2pm GMT!

Community Webinar - First steps with UEM (16 JAN 2015)

In this webinar we will look into: * What are the important mechanics behind the UEM data * Basic Configuration * How to analyze the visits and user actions * Built in use cases

Community Webinar - Dynatrace Synthetics Fundamentals - December 17 (15 DEC 2014)

Join us on Wednesday to learn the fundamentals of Dynatrace Synthetic!

Dynatrace Data Center RUM 12.3 is now Available! (10 DEC 2014)

Take advantage of all the valuable new features in Data Center RUM 12.3, like Auto-Discovery, our new rapid visibility into SAP, EBS, Seibel and DMI’s new Universal Diagram, and more, all for faster, deeper performance insight! Watch the What’s New Webinar, Check the Release Notes, Download the Software!

Dynatrace 6.1 is available now! Not your typical minor release! (9 DEC 2014)

Take a look at the cool features in the new Dynatrace 6.1 release like Web Dashboards, our new Monitoring Overview and Omni-Channel Analysis - Watch the What’s New Webinar, Check the Release Notes, Download the Software!

Reminder - Upcoming Webinar on December 8 - Whats New in DC RUM 12.3 (4 DEC 2014)

Join us on Monday to learn about the new features in DC RUM 12.3!

Community Webinar - Whats New in DC RUM 12.3 - December 8 (2 DEC 2014)

We are excited about the upcoming DC RUM 12.3 release. Join our team and learn about the exciting new features. Register for one of two timeslots we have available on December 8th

Blogs on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mobile Performance, Continuous Delivery and Tibco Memory Leaks (1 DEC 2014)

Want to know why websites went down last weekend and why mobile performance is that critical this year? Check out our latest blogs on these and other topics

Community Webinar - Whats New in Dynatrace 6.1 - December 2nd (25 NOV 2014)

Web Dashboards, New Monitoring Overview, Omni-Channel Analysis, Automation for Continuous Delivery, Easy Mobile Crash Analysis ... - join our What's New Webinar for the upcoming Dynatrace 6.1 Release!

Help us Shape PERFORM 2015 and your local User Group Events (19 NOV 2014)

Tell us What you want to learn, When and Where! Whether it is for PERFORM 2015 or your local User Groups!

Blogs on Internal Acceptance of APM, Continuous Delivery, PHP on Nginx and more (14 NOV 2014)

Stay up-to-date and learn from your peers who blog about latest technology trends and performance best practices.

New Benchmarks for U.S. and Asia Pacific are live! (7 NOV 2014)

We are pleased to announce that improvements to several industry Benchmarks, designed to more accurately compare the digital performance of top companies, are now live. Are you beating your competition across all digital channels? See how you measure up!

Dynatrace Community Webinar on November 5 - Nginx Performance Monitoring with Dynatrace (5 NOV 2014)

Is Nginx a topic of interest? In tomorrow’s webinar we show you how to get Dynatrace to analyze End-to-End PurePaths through Nginx.

Vote on Customer Enhancement Requests for Dynatrace! (28 OCT 2014)

You have a voice in the future development of Dynatrace - use it!

Community Contribution - Updated DB Query Monitor Plugin (22 OCT 2014)

Check out the new version of the DB Query Monitor Plugin for Dynatrace that also supports PostgreSQL!

APM Community Downloads for Data Center RUM (3 OCT 2014)

APM Community Download page is now the primary distribution For DATA CENTER RUM and related Products

Compuware Technical Alert Related to the Bash Shell Bug (30 SEP 2014)

Compuware APM has conducted a thorough investigation on all of its products and services in order to address any potential Shellshock vulnerability issues. The results of this investigation are listed, including the vulnerability status of each product and any corresponding actions that were performed or may be required to resolve the issue.

Compuware APMaaS Platform: The September 2014 Update Is Now Available (25 SEP 2014)

Introducing the September update to the APMaaS platform. The new release delivers answers faster, provides deep insights into your 3rd party services, and features a new mobile app to make access to your operations easier than ever before. In addition, it brings lots of improvements and usability enhancements. Check it out today!

 Older News Entries

APM Community Webinar on September 24 - Ask the dynaTrace Experts (23 SEP 2014)

Reminder for tomorrows webinar. We are still accepting your questions to be discussed tomorrow.

Register for Perform 2014, and gain insights from DevOps expert Gene Kim, Akamai, Nordstrom, Intuit, Costco, Target, Volkswagen (22 SEP 2014)

You still have a chance to register for Perform 2014

Community APMaaS September Update - What's New Webinar on October 1st (17 SEP 2014)

Learn more about the new APMaaS features such as Smart Analytics, Improved Root Cause Analysis, 3rd Party Analyzers ... introduced with the September Update of our APMaaS Platform

APM Community Webinar on September 24 - Ask the dynaTrace Experts (16 SEP 2014)

Are you new to dynaTrace or already an expert? Take the chance to address your questions in this Ask the dynaTrace Expert webinar. Also - check out our new Performance Clinic initiative!

dynaTrace and iOS 8 are a Go! (15 SEP 2014)

The mobile clock ticks fast and we are happy to announce iOS 8 support in dynaTrace 6!

Introducing a new generation of Performance Test! (4 SEP 2014)

Do your users’ experiences measure up to the best in your industry? Does your site design line up with the best practices of top performers?
Find out now by trying out the all new Performance Test from Compuware APM!

APM Community Webinar on September 10 - Unlocking Insight - How to Extract User Experience by Complementing Splunk with dynaTrace (4 SEP 2014)

Register for our next webinar... and learn WHY and HOW to enrich Splunk with User Experience data from dynaTrace.

Community Contribution - HPOO Action Plugin (29 AUG 2014)

Using HP Operations Orchestration? Let dynaTrace trigger workflows with the latest Action Plugin

APM Community Webinar on September 3 - PHP Performance Deep Dive (27 AUG 2014)

Register now for next week's webinar on analyzing PHP performance with dynaTrace!

Community Contribution - Windows Event Log Monitor (20 AUG 2014)

Need to keep track of important Windows Event Logs? Use the latest monitor plugin contributed by Derek!

Compuware Benchmarks are being upgraded to new versions of IE and Firefox! (14 AUG 2014)

We are happy to announce that the Compuware APM Benchmarks are being upgraded to measure performance using new versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

APM Community Webinar on August 13 - Continuous Delivery in Action with dynaTrace (8 AUG 2014)

Join us next week and learn how dynaTrace contributes to your Continuous Delivery practice!

dynaTrace 6 Refresh Available! (7 AUG 2014)

Already upgraded or about to upgrade to dynaTrace 6? Make sure you get the Refresh build!

Upgrading the Backbone Network with Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 24 (5 AUG 2014)

During the month of July and August 2014, the APMaaS Backbone Network, Last Mile and Private Last Mile networks will be upgraded with new support for MS Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 24.

Monitoring Citrix NetScaler with dynaTrace (30 JUL 2014)

Using Citrix NetScaler? Monitor key performance metrics with our latest monitor plugin!

APM Community Webinar on July 30 - Capturing Business and Root Cause Context in dynaTrace 6 (29 JUL 2014)

Register now for tomorrow's webinar on capturing business context!

APM Support changes are just around the corner! (18 JUL 2014)

As we mentioned in the Google Search appliance announcement recently, great improvements are coming to APM Support. While these improvements will significantly enhance your support experience, they necessitate two changes that require your attention. Your participation is critical in making the transition fast and effective.

dynaTrace 6 is here! Industry First in many ways! (17 JUL 2014)

dynaTrace 6 is a Game Changer in APM: Watch the What’s New Webinar, Check the Release Notes, Download the Software.

New Free Subscription feature now available for Compuware APM Benchmarks! (16 JUL 2014)

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Benchmark Subscription feature! As of July 16th, you can have Benchmarks rankings automatically sent to you when new ranking are published.

NEW Compuware APMaaS Mobile App is Available! (9 JUL 2014)

Want to see your synthetic performance monitoring data on your Android or iOS device? GET THE APP!

APM Community Webinar on July 16 - Getting Started with dynaTrace 6 (7 JUL 2014)

Register now for our next webinar on How to Get Started with dynaTrace 6!

Search the Community with the Power of Google (2 JUL 2014)

As content provided in the community (documentation, downloads, forums, knowledge base, ...) is constantly growing it is important to make it easier accessible. As of today we upgrade the key search boxes on the Community from the previous Confluence-based Search to Google Search

Community Contributions - Updates to JIRA and Nagios Plugins (1 JUL 2014)

Check out the updated plugins for integrating dynaTrace with JIRA 6 and Nagios!

Whats New Webinar Recordings on dynaTrace 6 and APMaaS June 2014 Platform now available (25 JUN 2014)

You missed the recent Whats New Webinars? Watch the recordings on APM University!

Reminder - APM Community Webinar on June 23 and 24 - Whats New in dynaTrace 6 (Spring 2014) (20 JUN 2014)

Join us next week and experience firsthand what dynaTrace 6 can do for you

The Compuware APMaaS June platform update is here! (19 JUN 2014)

With this release, the platform has reached new heights in Mobile Application Performance Management as well as introducing Smarter Analytics to accelerate the time to resolve critical application performance problems!

APM Community Webinar on June 23 and 24 - Whats New in dynaTrace 6 (Spring 2014) (17 JUN 2014)

Learn more about the new dynaTrace 6 Release in our next APM Community Webinar. We have two timeslots to accommodate EMEA, US and APAC time zones

Blogs on Synthetic, Real and Network User Experience (16 JUN 2014)

Check out the recent APM Guest Blogs covering best practices on leveraging dynaTrace UEM, APMaaS and DC-RUM

UPDATE - What's New in the Next Compuware APMaaS Platform Update Webinar Moved to June 18th (3 JUN 2014)

Date Change Notification. Learn about the new APMaaS Platform capabilities on June 18th (previously scheduled June 4th)

Reminder - APM Community Webinar on June 4 - What's New in the Next Compuware APMaaS Platform Update (2 JUN 2014)

Join us on Wednesday and learn about the new features in the APMaaS Platform!

Blogs on Analyzing Fifa Mobile App, Mobile Web and Web Site (28 MAY 2014)

Need to monitor and improve your Mobile App and Mobile Web Site? Check out our step-by-step blog posts on how we helped FIFA and apply it to your own applications.

Community Contribution - PHP Class Browser (20 MAY 2014)

Using dynaTrace on your PHP App? Create your PHP Sensor Rules with the Class Browser provided by Andrew.

APM Community Webinar on June 4 - What's New in the Next Compuware APMaaS Platform Update (13 MAY 2014)

Register now for our next APM Community Webinar and learn about upcoming features in the APMaaS Platform!

dynaTrace Browser Diagnostics now supports Firefox 25-28 and IE 11 (12 MAY 2014)

We are updating our support for dynaTrace Browser Diagnostics, get the new agents!

U.S. Mobile Benchmarks now use 4G LTE! (6 MAY 2014)

We are happy to announce that the Compuware APM U.S. Mobile Benchmarks have been upgraded to measure performance using 4G LTE!

Register for PERFORM Days in May - Coming close to your home (30 APR 2014)

Learn from your peers on how they tackle APM challenges at our PERFORM Days. Registration is free and we have many locations close to your office in May.

Blogs on Software Quality Metrics to Level Up Continuous Delivery (29 APR 2014)

Is your goal to deploy more often with higher success rate? Then make sure you measure the right quality metrics. Start reading our blog series on leveling up your Continuous Delivery

dynaTrace 5.6 Update available (23 APR 2014)

Based on customer feedback we provide a new dynaTrace 5.6 build. Make sure to use this refresh when upgrading from a previous version.

Reminder - APM Community Webinar on April 23 - The Truth behind "Citrix is slow" Assumption (22 APR 2014)

Join our webinar tomorrow and learn how DCRUM gives you end-to-end visibility into Citrix!

Recent Blog Posts on UEM and Web Performance, Monitoring Exceptions and Log Messages, Database Issues (16 APR 2014)

Catch up on our latest best practices blogs around Web, Mobile, PHP, Databases, Logging ...

New Financial Services Benchmarks are here! (15 APR 2014)

Are you beating your competition across all digital channels? See how you measure up! Compuware APM’s Financial Services Benchmarks now measure participants across the entire digital experience, incorporating mobile and web into a single overall performance ranking.

Compuware APM Alert Related to the Heartbleed Vulnerability (11 APR 2014)

Compuware APM products have been thoroughly evaluated to determine and resolve any potential impact caused by the Heartbleed vulnerability.





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