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Recent Blog Posts on UEM and Web Performance, Monitoring Exceptions and Log Messages, Database Issues (16 APR 2014)

Catch up on our latest best practices blogs around Web, Mobile, PHP, Databases, Logging ...

New Financial Services Benchmarks are here! (15 APR 2014)

Are you beating your competition across all digital channels? See how you measure up! Compuware APM’s Financial Services Benchmarks now measure participants across the entire digital experience, incorporating mobile and web into a single overall performance ranking.

Compuware APM Alert Related to the Heartbleed Vulnerability (11 APR 2014)

Compuware APM products have been thoroughly evaluated to determine and resolve any potential impact caused by the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Become a Speaker by Sharing your Performance Success Story at PERFORM 2014 (8 APR 2014)

Want to share your story with other Compuware APM users? Register to become a speaker at our conference in October

Community Contribution - Updated Oracle Monitor Plugin (4 APR 2014)

Check out the new and extended Oracle Monitor plugin!

APM Community Webinar on April 23 - The Truth behind "Citrix is slow" Assumption (3 APR 2014)

Register now for the next APM Community Webinar and learn how DCRUM gives you end-to-end visibility into Citrix!

Community Contribution - PagerDuty Action Plugin (26 MAR 2014)

Are you using PagerDuty? Check out this new plugin to integrate dynaTrace incidents!

Community Contribution - SCOM Action Plugin now supports SCOM 2012 (21 MAR 2014)

Want to integrate dynaTrace with SCOM 2012? Check out the latest community contribution by Eric Lazar

Recent Blog Posts on SAP Performance and Continuous Delivery Metrics (13 MAR 2014)

Learn from our SAP and DevOps Best Practices

Community Contribution - Windows Event Log Action Plugin (11 MAR 2014)

Use this new plugin to push dynaTrace incidents into the Windows Event Log

APM Community Webinar on March 5 - Application Health Status in DC-RUM (3 MAR 2014)

Join us this Wednesday to learn about the new Application Health Status in DC-RUM!

Recent Blog Posts on Testing - Best Practices for Stable Unit Tests, Lessons Learned from the eCommerce Industry (27 FEB 2014)

Check out two new blogs on best practices for increasing test automation quality and on testing lessons learned from the eCommerce world!

Reminder - APM Community Webinar on February 19 - Bring your dynaTrace questions! (18 FEB 2014)

Make sure to post your dynaTrace questions in the forum and join us tomorrow at 10am EST/3pm GMT for the answers!

Recent Blog Posts on Mobile App and Web Performance (12 FEB 2014)

Are you responsible for Mobile and Web Application Performance? Learn how other customers optimize their applications for all types of end user devices

APM Community Webinar on February 19 - dynaTrace Q and A Session - Bring your questions! (11 FEB 2014)

In our next webinar we will answer the top questions you sent us. Make sure to submit your questions through the forum, and join us on February 19 to get the answers!

Missed a recent Community Webinar? Watch the recordings on APM University (7 FEB 2014)

Watch all webinar recordings on dynaTrace, DC-RUM and APMaas. Here are the links for you!

APM Associate Certification available now! (6 FEB 2014)

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the APM Associate certification. The Associate Certification Exam is designed to validate the understanding of Application Performance Management – its core concepts, new generation approaches, and emerging trends. For more details, click here.

Compuware APM's New U.S. Retail 2014 Benchmark is here! (5 FEB 2014)

You’ve delivered your omni-channel experience. Now see how you stack up! Compuware APM’s U.S. Retail Benchmark has been revamped to measure participants across their entire digital experience, incorporating mobile and web in a single overall performance ranking.

Reminder - APM Community Webinar on February 5 - How to Solve End-User Experience Problems (4 FEB 2014)

Sign up for tomorrow's APM Community webinar and learn about identifying and solving End-User Experience Problems with dynaTrace

dynaTrace 5.6 refresh available now! (29 JAN 2014)

Based on customer feedback we provide a new dynaTrace 5.6 build. Make sure to use this refresh when upgrading from a previous version.

Reminder - This Week's APM Community Webinars - How to Identify the Root Cause of Application Errors on 1/29 - What's New in DC RUM 12.2 on 1/30 (28 JAN 2014)

Join our webinar tomorrow to learn about identifying application issues using dynaTrace, and register for Thursday's webinar on the new DC RUM 12.2 release!

DC RUM 12.2 is now Generally Available! (24 JAN 2014)

We are proud to announce the new release of DC RUM. Check out new availability analytics, smart network packet capture, monitoring SAP integrations with SAP RFC support and much more!

APM Community Webinars Next Week - What's New in DC RUM 12.2 and Getting to the Root Cause of Application Issues (23 JAN 2014)

Register now for next week's webinars on the new DC RUM release and on using dynaTrace for identifying application issues

Reminder - APM Community Webinar on January 22 - How to Identify Performance Hotspots with dynaTrace (21 JAN 2014)

Sign up for tomorrow's APM Community webinar and learn about identifying performance hotspots in your application

Download the dynaTrace Privacy and Compliancy Whitepaper (17 JAN 2014)

Meeting Privacy and Compliance Requirements with Compuware APM Solutions

Next APM Community Webinar on January 22 - How To Identify Performance Hotspots Using dynaTrace (16 JAN 2014)

Register now for next week's webinar to learn about identifying performance hotspots in your application, and watch the recording of our recent webinar on solving database performance issues

dynaTrace 5.6 is here! (15 JAN 2014)

We are happy to announce the new release, especially because many cool enhancements were triggered by feedback from APM Community members.

 Older News Entries

Reminder - APM Community Webinar on January 15 - How to Solve Database Related Performance Issues with dynaTrace (14 JAN 2014)

Join us tomorrow at 10am Eastern Time/3pm GMT!

Upcoming APM Community Webinars - dynaTrace Use Case Walkthroughs - Starting on January 15 (9 JAN 2014)

Register now for our next APM Community Webinars on popular dynaTrace Use Cases!

Community Contribution - RunQueue Monitor (7 JAN 2014)

We welcome 2014 with a new community plugin. It allows you to retrieve the RunQueue value of your host(s)

Community Contributions - FTP File Checker and Log File Monitor (19 DEC 2013)

Try the new FTP File Checker plugin and check out the updated version of the popular Log File Monitor!

APM Community Webinar on December 18 - Advanced Reporting in DCRUM (17 DEC 2013)

Join our next webinar and learn about advanced techniques for building DMI reports in DCRUM!

Update to our industry-leading Mobile App Monitoring Free Edition is here! (12 DEC 2013)

New Compuware APM’s Mobile App Monitoring Free Edition Is Here! You provided feedback and we listened. Now you can analyze performance of individual app transactions and drill down to visits, compare the user experience of app or platform versions, more easily analyze iOS crashes and errors, and more… Try it today!

TECHNICAL ALERT - Java 6 Update 65 breaks Java Web Start Client (12 DEC 2013)

Planning on upgrading to Java6u65? Check out the latest technical alert and register for automatic notifications on future alerts.

Community Contribution - Generic Execution Plugin now able to call any Web Service (4 DEC 2013)

Need to make Web Service Calls to monitor an external system or send Alerts? Check out the latest update on the Generic Execution Plugin.

APM Community Webinar on December 4 - Getting Started with Reporting in DCRUM (26 NOV 2013)

Join our next APM Community Webinar for an introduction into the basic concepts of the DCRUM reporting engine!

New dynaTrace 5.5 Update available (25 NOV 2013)

Check out the latest public FixPack that addresses reported problems with the JDBC Statement Aggregation and Web Start Client issues related to Java7u45 and Java6u65.

Whats New 5.6 Webinar - Recording Available and Another Session for APAC on Dec 3rd (22 NOV 2013)

Watch the recorded Whats New Webinar or register for the next live webinar targeted for our APAC customers

Reminder - APM Community Webinar on November 20 and 21 - What's New in dynaTrace 5.6 (Fall 2013) (19 NOV 2013)

Join us for our next webinars and learn more about the dynaTrace 5.6 Release!

APM Community Webinar on November 20 and 21 - Whats New in dynaTrace 5.6 (Fall 2013) (14 NOV 2013)

Learn more about the new dynaTrace 5.6 Release in our next APM Community Webinar. We have two timeslots to accommodate EMEA, US and APAC time zones

Live Performance Monitoring Status of (13 NOV 2013)

Check out and learn from our live monitoring and deep dive data on

Improved APM University Online with Single Sign On, Course Tracking, ... (11 NOV 2013)

APM University has been upgraded with great new features that make learning Compuware APM products even easier. Check it out

Real-Time Performance Management in Practice for Netty, Cassandra, Kafka and Storm (8 NOV 2013)

Great case study from Kweo on how they put performance into their engineering DNA.

APM Community Webinar on November 6 - Infrastructure Monitoring with dynaTrace (4 NOV 2013)

Join our next webinar and learn how dynaTrace helps you with identifying infrastructure related performance problems!

Follow up on PERFORM 2013 - Download Slides and Provide Feedback (23 OCT 2013)

Haven't been at PERFORM? Download slides from all sessions and save the date for PERFORM 2014

TECHNICAL ALERT – JDBC Statement Aggregation can affect your application! (22 OCT 2013)

You are using the dynaTrace JDBC Statement Aggregation? Please have a look at our latest Technical Alert

Visit our APM Blog!

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